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You & your happiness

Have you ever wondered why we feel like chasing happiness throughout our life, but it is just getting away from us?

Only one thing stand between you and the complete happiness . Guess what is it ? Well it’s not a secret.

It’s ‘your perception’ of life . You have a dream in your mind, a painting of how your life should be. You always compare that dream with what your life is now and try to find only what is missing there. When the variation is huge , You end up being disappointed with the results. Don’t look for ‘what is missing’ ,  always ask yourself  ‘why it is missing’. 

Oh hold on, am not saying don’t dream take life as it is. Have a big colorful dream but try to make it well planned one. Outline the path you need to take to reach there someday and work on it.

For example , Let’s say you have a dream to cook biryani today. You need to plan for that . First you should start with getting all needed ingredients and then you need to follow the recipe till end. If you don’t do all this , just cooked noodles as it’s easy and keep on getting disappointed for not having biryani. Whose fault it is !! Think and act accordingly in your life. So come on, Dream big and also most importantly make sure to pave your way to reach it. If you do this , you will find Happiness is a gradual progress, you will make each day in life. 


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Oh beautiful butterflies

So colorful and bright

In variety of color and shape

Sometimes I get confused

Looking this and that

Running after one

Then other , then another

My mind flies faster than butterfly

I extend my hand in hope of getting it

Few rest in my fingers

But Before I even admire the moment

It flew away ,

Few always flew out of my reach

Yet here I am reaching out to them

To have the colorful butterflies(dream) with me

For a while or even for a minutes 🙂


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This or That

Even if it’s sunrise or sunset
A bright day or a dark night
Rise or fall
Rainy or sunny
Breeze or cyclone
Full moon or new moon
Gain or loss
Success or failure
Satisfying smiles or sad tears
Everything has a beauty,
May be its beyond our knowledge
Stop complaining. Start understanding!878ab32fabc40c45b48114ac01bf253d--sunrise-pictures-nature-pictures


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Every day is like a rainbow
Few moments sparks as violet
Few moments wise as indigo
Few moments calm as blue
Few moments fruitful as green
Few moments pleasant as yellow
Few moments playful as orange
Few moments dangerous as red
Dont always look up and wait,
cherish these hidden rainbows
each and every moment 🙂

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Life is about finding a balance
Between tears and smile,
Between emptiness and satisfaction,
Between sadness and happiness,
Between hopelessness and hope,
Between misery and joy,
Between confusion and clarity,
You will be on either side of extreme
at some point in time
Feel it, but don’t be discouraged
with situations,
Move on until you find the perfect balance!



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Again and again

calm down mind…
There is lot to handle…

Take time to decide,
plan your steps with hope
rather than fast shaky steps….

Make mistakes ,
Realize what u had missed in life…
Retrace your steps and try again

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People are like books
Eachone is unique
Some make us extreme happy
few give mere smile
Some give us tragedy
few gift us tears
Some motivate us
few inspire us
Some seem hateful
few induce fear
Some give us peace
few make us tense
Some remain passionate
few test our anger
Some touch our heart
few remain in our memory
Some become longtime companion
few leave like passerby
however they are
Its always thrill to read
Before you judge
have patience to understand them
my life library is full of such
books yet to be catagorized 😉



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I am so happy , so as she

While drawing I was literally smiling with her. She brings joy. Isn’t it ?


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Back to school days-Popeye the sailor man

If you were 90’s born, you would have surely watched this cartoon. Mom used to tell kids eat spinach like him and be strong. My mom also said the same ( Lol I never did.That’s separate thing. ) But It’s always refreshing to remember all that. Welcome popeye the sailor man.

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Art of living

Living is like doing yoga
Some do it joyfully
Some just wonder how well others do
Rarely their timing or commitment sync
All do it in their comfort level
and pursue their own goal along the way
Well however it is,
Just take a deep breath and Enjoy the art of living 🙂

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