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Swing is her company


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Girl with dog


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Girl in a beautiful dress


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My new hobby- Drawing

People say anything can be learnt with little bit of practise. One small try to check that fact and to pat myself that even I could draw . Winks. What do you think about my first try ?


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20 words story with twist

A girl was talking something non-stop to everyone , her joy knew no bound , it’s effect of long years of silence.

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Better today than tomorrow

“Rahul….” My mom voice echoed from backyard.

“Mom. I am here.” I ran towards the backyard with my cute small car.

She was standing there with spade in her hand, digging the ground.

“Mom what are you doing ? “ I asked curiously peeking into the hole.

“I am going to plant a mango tree here. Can you go and get me the seed?” She asked using the back of her hand to remove sweat from forehead.

I giggled looking at her innocently and said

“Mom you are making yourself dirty.”

She smiled sweetly at me and pointed towards the house to go and get the seeds.

I ran inside and returned with the seed. I looked at the small seed and asked her thoughtfully.

“Mom This seed is so small. You sure big tree will grow from it”

She laughed hearing my doubt and said

“That is how it works in nature. You plant this and give proper water and care for it daily , It will became beautiful tree and will give you sweet fruits”

“Wow I would want it to grow soon.I will love it then. Now we are working hard to get better tomorrow right Mom? ” He tried to summarize his understanding.

“Yes. It will take years and years for that. But don’t you love this now baby ? We are working on something beautiful today. Let’s celebrate it.” Saying this she handed me the small spade.

I thought about it and smiled understandingly. She is right today is always worth living than dreamy tomorrow.


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Haiku – Moon

You rule the sky

like a princess,Inspiring

million stars to shine!


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