When work is not just work!

From the time I have started thinking of my graduation, My first choice was computer science. I had a grace for it. I enjoyed being in the computer lab. When I code, I feel like a magician unveiling inside me. The only thing missing was a wand, But the magic always happened. I wanted to be software developer, One of the mesmerizing profession according to me. As planned, I got into the job right after my degree completion. It’s an extra ordinary feel to work in your desired field. I love to dig into various technical stuff and make it work in my way. I enjoy problem solving while coding, uncovering the issues within, debugging it to core and the final jackpot, solving it! It motivates me more as I can visualize life being very similar to a complex code, wherein I can debug the problem and work in various ways to solve it. It molds me to be stronger person each day, to face the problems that transpire in a diplomatic way.

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4 responses to “When work is not just work!

  1. You’re so Lucky.
    You got the Job of your dreams.
    So Lucky..☺

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  2. cool..living almost like in sci-fi 🙂

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  3. Hey.. nominated you for a new award..all the bst..

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