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Funny love story

“You love me, don’t you?” She asked in dull voice not taking her eyes off the book she’s reading.

He got scared with the question thinking why she is asking that suddenly.

He replied in confused tone “Ofcourse I do stupid.Don’t you know ? Why what happened ?”

She replied suppressing her laughter “ Yeah I know. Can you please get me water from the fridge? This book is so interesting”.

He can’t stop himself from smiling and replied “ You are way too much”.

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I kind of intrigued by the name ‘Mystery Blogger Award’. Being a Mystery Blogger I could make my readers curious 😀

Thanks Elly for nominating me for this wonderful award. First all the best for your entrance exam. I hope we get wonderful doctor in future 🙂

Elly has a wonderful blog with amazing posts. It surely has it’s charm. Now Attention readers 😀 Let me read your mind. Now you are curious to read her post directly, Right ? There is no waiting, You can simply click on this link Enjoy.

About me:

  •  I am basically a silent girl , But talk non stop when I feel comfortable with the other person.
  • I don’t believe in failures, I put my full energy to make it succeed after that.
  • I am very compassinate , innocent and caring to the core.

Rules for this Åward:

    1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.
    2. List the rules.
    3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
    5. Answer the questions you were asked.
    6. Nominate others 6-7 bloggers you wanna nominate..
    7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice..

My Answers:

1. What’s your inspiration for writings?
My worries and sadness and consoling part after that. I know how it feels to be like that. I write so people who can relate to that will feel better.

2. Who is your favorite superhero??
Spider man, Who was common man but turned to superhero on his own wish.

3. Wanna explore world or sit,back and relax down??
I love cosy home. I don’t travel much. So obviously love to sit back and relax down.

4. Summer with rainy…or…winter with spring?
Summer with rain seems to be usual combination. Winter with spring looks excitingly new combination. Something unimaginable for me. I would love to see that.

5. Movie..or.. hangout with your friends..
Depends on mood. If I am very talkative mood, then hanging out with friends sounds fun otherwise movie, where I could silently immerse myself in.

My Questions:

1. What is the interesting part in your life?
2. What is one thing you failed at first and then mastered today?
3. Do you believe in the tag line ‘Success after every failure’?
4. Can you describe your writing style?
5. What is one thing you want, but dunno how to get it?

My nominees:








Best luck nominees. Don’t wait , fold your sleeves and dive to answering. Thanks again Elly for giving me opportunity to answer this.


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When work is not just work!

From the time I have started thinking of my graduation, My first choice was computer science. I had a grace for it. I enjoyed being in the computer lab. When I code, I feel like a magician unveiling inside me. The only thing missing was a wand, But the magic always happened. I wanted to be software developer, One of the mesmerizing profession according to me. As planned, I got into the job right after my degree completion. It’s an extra ordinary feel to work in your desired field. I love to dig into various technical stuff and make it work in my way. I enjoy problem solving while coding, uncovering the issues within, debugging it to core and the final jackpot, solving it! It motivates me more as I can visualize life being very similar to a complex code, wherein I can debug the problem and work in various ways to solve it. It molds me to be stronger person each day, to face the problems that transpire in a diplomatic way.

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A new hope

As a kid I used to get sad a lot , even now I get sad sometime, But this one incident helps me get over it. I try to remember this often. I was silent and moody girl. I used to keep my problem within myself. That day was worst in my life. There was lot of problem in my life. Well I felt like I have no reason to live , was kind of in verge of depression. Just life seemed so empty.

Life felt like lonely journey with just sad footsteps. I was very upset ,started walking aimlessly and all the sad memories were repeatedly going on in my mind and when I reached the road it started to rain. I sighed But found a bus stop and sat in that shade.

There opposite to that bus stop I saw a family , their hut was completely destroyed by the wind. They were trying to save their small possessions and rushed to the bus stop. I have strange tendency of taking other’s sadness as my own , I was looking at them with empathy. But among the family there was a small girl playing in the rain without any sign of sadness.

After the rain stopped they started to build their hut with smiling face . I was rooted to the spot , tears flooded down my face. This family had taught me a lot that day. I realized there were people like them in this world who can manage every challenge of life with happy smiling face and what I was doing all these days. In the dream of having perfect life I was blind about what I already had. Blaming god for every small reason I could find.😦 Even though I don’t have a perfect life, I have a good life easy to live. But I had spend my time in finding the things I don’t have. I didn’t thanked god ever whole heartily for giving me what I have today and I realised life is not as miserable as we make it seem. It’s the way we take things for example, even to make a tea we need tea powder,milk,sugar. we can’t use only sugar as that is our favorite. Likewise even if our life is full of happiness that would be boring 🙂 and more importantly we can enjoy the real happiness only after passing the path of sadness. Life is perfect only with the mixture of happiness and sadness in equal amount. I decided to value the things I have from that day and to accept my sad time too with strong heart and finally that day wasn’t sad at all. It gave me lot of reason to live. My perfect day 🙂 I could feel my smile , after all it is one of the rare occasion that happened to me 🙂 Never belittle your life living in regret, One way or other life has something to provide. I walked home as a new person. with the hope to face my problems 🙂


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First and second love

He opened a book to start reading

“Did you forget me ?” She asked as soon as she saw me.

“ No. How could I ? “ He replied with shock.

“Good to know. I thought you are busy with your new love “ Her voice faded with pain.

“Of course not. You know always You are my muse, my inspiration “ He tried to reason out .

“Yeah , but you don’t have time for me now a days .Did you move on so soon ?” She asked with hesitation.

He turned around and looked at his table to find something , but notepad and pen were there.

“Come I will show you something” He said in excitement, coming out of his thoughts.

He went to library and looked at long array of books there , moved his hands longingly on his favourite books.

“There you go. That’s the precious place for you , my first love , reading. I will never move on, no one can replace you. Not even my new love for writing.“ He kneeled down and said lovingly.

She also looked at library and smiled heartily , felt he was right , atlast she found her home. she realised she has taken her permanent place on his heart.

That’s my story of first and second love.


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Fulfil my wish

Lonely as the night, silent as a star, I sat in the shore , lost in the thoughts. Those waves crawls happily towards me but then it disappear in tiny tiny water droplets before even I really realise it. Silently I was talking to sea , my mind feel light now.

“ Did you like those waves more than me ? “ he asked teasingly.

“ Yeah , atleast they listen to me . “ I smiled and replied.

“Let’s go “ he said in mock anger.

I tried to move , but he lifted me in his arms and started walking . This is our Sunday routine . We came here without fail. Earlier I used to carry him , now his turn . My son never forget to grant my wish of talking to waves. Doctor restricted me from getting down the bed, but he help me see the rest of the world like this.

“Thank you “ I whispered in heavy voice.

“ For you thousand time over “ he replied quoting my favourite line from Kite runner, which I used to tell him often.

I can’t control my laughter .


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Concentrate on your plate

Let’s say you have worked hard in hot kitchen to make a dish , you take one bite , it’s seems so yummy to satisfy your hunger. You look around happily but find someone eating more delicious looking food nearby , you like it more , you yearn to have that , you don’t think of the effort they might have put in making it to plate , suddenly your so far delicious food magically turns disgusting . You take one more bite with all the dreams of that other food , you couldn’t swallow it . You feel sorry for yourself , you feel pathetic about your food . You lost in the dream of that tasty food in other’s plate , your plate is left unnoticed and it’s slowly going waste .

One second, before hating your food , think of the sweat you have Shed in making it and that homeless guy sleeping with empty stomach filling it only with dream of food. Now is your food really that disgusting ?

Our life is like that food in the plate , will you just stare at other’s life and waste yours ? Or Atleast be thankful that you have one to be proud of ?

Be grateful of what you have and know the worth of it, before it is too late . Just concentrate on your plate !


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Wall around me

There is one strong wall around me

Constructed inch by inch,

When I was hurt, depressed!

Sometime question arise in my mind

Does this wall suffocate me ?

Does this make me feel alone ?

Does this wall make me confined ?

My inner mind replies,

Never ever!

It’s like protection inside mom’s womb!

Safe and sound ,

You are happily alone

Enjoying your own company,

Noone will come to hurt you,

I just wish you don’t let it fall ever!37120630-asian-american-woman-surrounded-by-cement-walls.jpg







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I die

When I let others take me for granted

I die,

When I don’t raise my voice in fear

I die,

When I became too fragile to break at one point

I die,

When I hide my wish in name of sacrifice

I die,

When I let other’s dream replace mine

I die,

When I don’t show I am hurt until very depressed

I die,

When I am convinced pain is life

I die,

When I hide my pain beside smile

I die,

I die not by him or her or them,

I die slowly day by day by myself,

Yes , I am committing suicide by doing all this!




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Dream came true

“It was the first time , we are seeing you like this” Her mom said in mid of happy tears.

She wiped her mom’s tears and replied “Aww senti. Let me check your pulse”. She took her mom’s hand to check.

Her mom laughed and said “Come on , your mom is all fit to live another 20 years, Go and treat your patients”

She smiled and turned to go, Her mom couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter’s white coat and stethoscope , living her mom’s dream.

PS : inspired by some true story

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