No Smoking

He was smoking lost in thoughts , waiting for her . She came from behind and patted his shoulder to get his attention.

“Did you wait for long time ? “ She asked in concern.

“No, Just 5 cigrette done as of now” He replied in sarcastic tone.

She sighed.

“What could you do for me ?” She asked in playful voice looking at the cigrette in his hand.

“Anything in this world” He replied sincerely.

“Then leave smoking”, She said with fingers crossed with mild hope.

“That is not possible” He replied casually.

“Does that cigrette does not come under the ‘anything’ tag? “ She rolled her eyes.

“Why do you want me to leave it , just because you don’t like it so ?” He asked teasingly.

She replied without thinking for even a second “ No. I want you to leave cigrette, So that we could live long life, without fearing any consequence. Don’t let the smoke crowd our bright future”

He was intently listening to her, without noticing his hand , cigrette burnt his fingers, But this time, He could feel the hurt in his heart too. He threw it away swearing not to take it again.




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10 responses to “No Smoking

  1. Waoo this has got a nice message.

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  2. Even a sign helps with the claw of smoking. It always takes stimuli to evoke change. With smoking, sometimes the change needs to be in stages. Nice post.

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  3. Varanasi Hospital

    Nice way to deliver the message. But these days young ladies are taking up smoking more than their male counterparts. Why not another story for ladies who are addicted to smoking cigarettes?

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  4. Great read,”don’t let the smoke cloud our bright future” loved it.

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