I recently got nominated by a wonderful blogger  .  Her Blog is full of amazing posts.  Visit her blog once to get mesmerised by her words.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days, or whenever the mood strikes you.
  3. Tell why that quote appeal to you.
  4. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

First Quote:

 You have two choice, Either to watch the time flew through your hands, or to make use of it to make it worth.

                      This quote reminds me the importance of the time and inspires me to do something in that limited time to make it effective. Don’t let the time flew by in the fear of not completing anything. Atleast start doing it , Even half way done is better than never starting it at all.







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3 responses to “Three-days-three-quotes-challenge-day-1

  1. Hi Saranya…Thanks for nominating me.

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  2. I know it’s a silly question but kindly suggest how to get the web address of the bloggers to whom I want to nominate

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