Comfort or love

He was going somewhere in hurry with umbrella in hand.

“Grandpa, Where are you going in such a hurry ?” She asked.

He replied “ I am going for a shop”

“Grandpa , Listen to me . You can order anything online. It is very simple , You don’t have to go out for it . Trust me . It is easy” She said in excited voice.

He turned his head , looked at her and said in tiring voice “ How many times I have said, I don’t like that. Let it be my way”

She started again “ Grandpa , But , I .. Please ..”

He had left already. She sighed and returned to playing.

He came back late and slept.

She woke up in morning excitely and got ready for her big day.

“Hey there. It’s for you” Said her grandpa, handing her huge package.

She opened it happily and found her favorite teddy bear there. She couldn’t find it online after long search same color as this.

She asked happily “How do you know I wanted this grandpa?”

He replied “I know you very well kid. Now think I am as happy as you for this gift, As I got it for you on my own. Few things can’t bring the same happiness when you get it online” He patted her shoulder.

She smiled and started saying something “ Yeah grandpa, But … . May be you are right”

Her grandpa is firm

guy with his own principles..


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3 responses to “Comfort or love

  1. Your post reminded me of God. Sometimes, we believe we know best, or we believe our methods are the best and so we tend to lean on our understanding, instead of leaning on His. Lovely story and very insightful. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Sometimes the old ways are the best!

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