Blogger Recognition Award

This name of the award itself, Brings smile in my face. This Recognition means a lot to me from the fellow bloggers like you .

Thank you Prachi for nominating me! Her Blog is filled with heart warming post. Take some time to visit her blog, to find your favorite ones there πŸ™‚

Thanks a lot once again Prachi.


Question time-

1. Give a brief description of your blog.

I have participated in one haiku contest in my college. Even though, I did not get prize in it, It gave me identity with this blog. For the first time , even failure gave me wonderful gift. I have started this blog and have experimented many genre articles, fiction,love , stories, poems , haiku , in many language. With the fellow readers support and appreciative pat, it is very remarkable journey. I have crossed many hurdles in my life with this, Pouring out feelings and expressing out , made me matured person. This blog give me hope to connect to people , to teach them and to learn from them. I am happy that I am writing, Something or anything. Just Happy with this !


2. Give some advice to the new bloggers.

  1. Even if you write same old common topic , your thoughts surely give it new angle.
  2. Every Author is unique, Every thoughts are unique. Don’t be down just because you are not writing good poem or story like anyone else. May be your genre may be different. Try All genre, until you found the comfortable one for you.


3. Nominate your favorite bloggers.


My favorite bloggers are one unending list,from heart I would like to nominate all. Though it is tough task , I have come up with few names.

Mahin’s world


Life Images


Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Answer the same above questions.

Nominate your fellow bloggers.


Thank You!


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31 responses to “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. 😊😊Congratulations!!!

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  2. Congratulations! Much deserved.

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  3. I found your post reading Prachi’s post comments, I’m impressed that you replied so fast, and last but not least, Congratulation πŸŽ‰

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  4. Congratulations….and thank you so much for the nomination…I’m glad you like my blog…

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  5. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

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  6. CongratZ!
    I always enjoy reading your stuff.

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  7. This is a great achievement. Keep up the hard work.

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  8. Congratulations!😊Thank you so much for the nomination ❀️

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  9. Done posting award…have a look at it

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