You scared me

I was standing alone in my room and suddenly someone patted me at back . My blood froze for a second. I started shivering from head to toe. I was going through the inner turmoil whether to turn around and see or not . Surrounding was so silent which made my ear throb.

Finally I took a deep breath and decided to face it.

I turned around and saw him “ oh you “ I breathed with ease.

“Why didn’t you just call my name , you scared me to death” I confessed.

He smiled his evil smile and took a paper and pen and wrote something and showed it .

“ You forgot we had deal whoever lose the bet should stay silent for a day. but this is funny .” He guffowed silently .

I hit him in head.


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9 responses to “You scared me

  1. Short and sweet….It directly hits your limbic brain😊

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  2. Hahaha… Nice short story..

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  3. LOL…. I wish I could react to this post with a haha reaction 😂

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  5. Bhanu Gautam

    Very nice short and sweet

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