Counting Stars

I was looking at the sky without blinking ,fingers pointing towards the sky and lips murmuring “Do you enjoy counting stars ?” My friend asked me curiously .

Like a small kid I said excitedly “ who won’t like that “ continuing counting .

“ why is it so ? “ she pestered , obviously she was not going to let it go .

“ Sun and moon , even though very brighter than stars, stays only for limited time . Stars are not like that , they always stays, even as invisible. In Dark sky , it shines flawlessly with small light, assuring me that I am not alone. They kind of winks at me” I smiled and got lost in counting .

She hugged me gently and joined me in counting the stars. Few relation in our life are like this stars, it’s always there, but we rarely notice. Don’t get too excited or too sad for momentary sun or moon. Count the stars to know the company you got.


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5 responses to “Counting Stars

  1. Wow….I was thinking about this only…Somewhere in life chasing our dreams and fake attention we forget our loved ones…🙂🙂amazing post

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  2. prem

    Awesome lines once again saranya…
    Always love to read ur write-ups…❤❤

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