Sweet love

Here’s one small imaginary story.

“Oye what are you thinking so seriously ? All okay right ? Parents agreed, marriage date is fixed. Everything perfect” I said and smiled broadly.

He smiled hesitantly and said “ I was just thinking about something . I might be silly . But I was just .. “ His voice trailed away.

“ Come on say “ I asked with concern.

“ I am scared . I want to keep you happy every single day in your life. You know right ? You are my dream girl. I wish to give you everything I could . Even before you ask anything I want to fulfil. But .. “ He struggled to phrase it.

“But ?” I asked in trembling voice .

“But I am not sure if I will be able to do it. I will try with my whole heart. Will you help me to do it ? Be with me, give me chance to be luckiest man in this world.” He bowed his head.

Even when few people don’t care about their wife’s wish. Here he is planning my happiness with him throughout our life. Even though They were very simple words. But it left me speechless. I am luckiest girl in this world.


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3 responses to “Sweet love

  1. Beautiful sentiments. I wish every marriage could at least start out this well.

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  2. Romantic read….May every girls get such lovely hubby

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