Innocent question

My daughter is 10 years and my son is 8 years . There was a small bucket of water , my dad was in bathroom, waiting for water. My kids were struggling who will carry that .

I said “ Don’t fight kids. Priya you carry that bucket, you are big girl right ? “

Her face was shining with pride. She smiled at me and made faces at her brother and carried that bucket.

We were going out, only kids were left behind.

I called them to say bye.

“ Listen kids . We are going out. Be safe. Arjun , you should take care of your sister. We leave her in your trust “

He smiled and went to play, but my daughter face fell.

She asked innocently “ Am I not your big girl now dad ? Why can’t I take care of my little brother ?”

I started to answer but “ No what I meant is ..”

I thought about it and sighed. She was right !

PS: small imaginary story


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5 responses to “Innocent question

  1. They should both look out for one another.

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  2. A thoughtful story, well written!

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