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Horror story

Her friend died in a road accident, 2 long years they had been roommates and best friends.

She froze , on seeing her friend joining her table , asking for room vacancy, same like 2 years back.


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Two line story

She is very good dancer entertaining everyone,

But her performance is only limited to dreams, her stubborn legs didn’t move a inch from wheel chair.


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I Just wish

She thought she should have told him that She don’t want to stay here. But then her little voice in her mind replied “Does that even matter to him ?”  She pushed that sarcastic voice aside, was waiting with a huge bag to get the room cleaned.

One elderly man approached her to take her bag , he smiled and said “ You can have the room all to yourself, He wanted you to be comfortable during your stay”.

She blurted out the most pressing question she had “ Where is he ?”

That man looked at her with concern and replied “He left mam. Didn’t he tell you ?”

Her eyes crowded with tears , each step they were taking seemed heavy and the path seemed so long.

She said with shaking voice “He did. I might have forgotten it. Oh my poor memory”. She placed her hand in wall for support.

“We will take good care of you, He will call you for sure” That man replied in flat tone.

“I know he will” , She replied doubtfully, even staying in the same house , he couldnt find time to talk to her all these years.

They came to her room and she settled down , unpacked her bag and started to make it her home. She daily prayed for his health and wellness. she just wished he would come one day to take me home, Her life moved on in the same hope.

#Irony of Mother in the old age home.

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Moonrise and Sunset

Have you ever seen the tired sun pulling away its final faint rays from the sky half heartily and moon enthusiastically extending it’s hand in gesture of support in the already dark sky at the same time ?

It’s awesome sight to watch. I happened to watch the same few days back.  One side of the sky is getting dark with sun set , But other side of the already dark sky is getting brighter with moon.  This is what happen to people’s life, Some incident brings brightness to few , while leave other’s with darkness behind.

Suddenly moon and sun took the reverse role in my mind, moon resembled inspiring rise, while sun resembled sadness and void behind.

But I know this isn’t permanent, Next day everything changes. May be  those incidents , those problem may change also. Just have patience to wait to witness it.

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Are we depend on external sources to be happy ?

Let me ask you one simple question ,

“Are you happy?”

Really simple isn’t it ?  You might answer yes or no.

Let me ask you bit tricky question “why?”

99% of people will point to someone or something for their reason of happiness or unhappiness. But surprisingly, It is often same thing. Which make you happy now , will eventually make you unhappy also.

Let’s say,  A child is happily playing,  you go and gift it a car. It makes the child so happy, It began to play with it. Later the same car got break down and the child cries for it and became sad. Doesn’t that irrelevant ? Child was happy before the car came into picture , But the child like many of us, related the happiness with the car, when it got broken. It got the illusion that all the happiness is gone . It began to blame for the time spend in playing or even getting that car in the first place. But that is simple car, If the child don’t relate that to the internal happiness, It’s existence or non-existence does not matter.

Take another example, A guy is happily living on his sufficient salary. One day he got the lottery ticket in the hope of becoming millionaire. Now Even the thought of getting it, makes him so happy. He foolishly related his every bit of happiness with winning the ticket. Later in the result day , he went to check with huge expectation. But unfortunately he did not get the prize. Now he gets so sad, his job seems petty one now.

Accept it , Being happy or not is in our hand. There is no external source which will make you unhappy , when you want to be happy. Don’t relate anyone or anything to your happiness, their presence in your life temporary or even permanent does not have any impact on your happiness.



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I recently got nominated by a wonderful blogger  .  Her Blog is full of amazing posts.  Visit her blog once to get mesmerised by her words.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days, or whenever the mood strikes you.
  3. Tell why that quote appeal to you.
  4. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

First Quote:

Be Present, Be in present

               This quote tell me how important it is to be present in the present. If only this is done properly , we could achieve maximum number of things.


You can take it as quote challenge or nomination, I am eargerly waiting to read what you will come up with 🙂 Good luck.


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No Smoking

He was smoking lost in thoughts , waiting for her . She came from behind and patted his shoulder to get his attention.

“Did you wait for long time ? “ She asked in concern.

“No, Just 5 cigrette done as of now” He replied in sarcastic tone.

She sighed.

“What could you do for me ?” She asked in playful voice looking at the cigrette in his hand.

“Anything in this world” He replied sincerely.

“Then leave smoking”, She said with fingers crossed with mild hope.

“That is not possible” He replied casually.

“Does that cigrette does not come under the ‘anything’ tag? “ She rolled her eyes.

“Why do you want me to leave it , just because you don’t like it so ?” He asked teasingly.

She replied without thinking for even a second “ No. I want you to leave cigrette, So that we could live long life, without fearing any consequence. Don’t let the smoke crowd our bright future”

He was intently listening to her, without noticing his hand , cigrette burnt his fingers, But this time, He could feel the hurt in his heart too. He threw it away swearing not to take it again.




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