Real Scary Event

Tom and Harry were playing in the house. Suddenly light went off. There was pin drop silence in the house. At first they were waiting for the power to come back. Every second was like  huge time. Then they decided to go and find the candle. It was pitch dark.

They hold each other hand and as their eyes got used to the darkness, they started moving inch by inch. At last, They found the cupboard. But couldnot find the key for it. Then after some serious hectic search, Tom took the key and got the torch.

Tom lighted the torch, Even the small shadow was like huge ghost now. Every small sound was creating a scary echo. Suddenly , there was a knocking sound behind the door. They were literally frightening in fear. Harry opened the door with shivering hand and backed away.

Noone was there. “Who is that?” Tom asked. Only the echo came. Then suddenly light came. His dad jumped from bed out of nowhere before them. They shrieked in shock.

Then jumped their dog behind his dad. Now it’s his dad’s turn to shout. Tom and harry ended up laughing out.


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2 responses to “Real Scary Event

  1. I remember from my childhood when electricity interruptions were a regular occurrence, lighting the candle made all the shadows look scary. It seemed like anything was out to get you. I enjoyed it, though, because it would warrant a break from homework and studying.

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  2. That was one funny story

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