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Unfulfilled dream

“You know I had a dream yestereday , It was raining heavily and I was playing in it, Sun was hidden in the clouds and It was about to come out and I was eargerly waiting for rainbow and guess what…” Suddenly her voice lost that excitement she had at first.

I smiled at her and said “You suddenly woke up before seeing the rainbow”.

She laughed, “Is it that predictable?”

” I am hearing same dream for long time. Why you are so eager about seeing rainbow ? Did you ever that see in your life ?” I asked curiously.

She thought for a while and replied ” I did not see ever. Not even once. I want to see rainbow once in my life, either in the dream or in real. But I had to wait a long for it I guess”

I patted her shoulder and said “Sometimes waiting is also equally fun”

She nodded and lost in her thoughts.

“Swetha , Make it fast otherwise we will get late to office” I honked my car. It’s been a while since she had that dream,  I wondered did she have the same dream again.

“Ya Shree. I am here”, She replied her voice is muffled in middle of eating.

She hurried outside stuffing some notes in her bag.

“Did you prepare well for the session ?” I asked her in concern.

She replied “Ya I did prepare well. Let’s see there” and she took out the notes and began reading it.

I noticed the huge traffic jam on her way, I checked the watch and wished we reach office on time.

We were waiting in the line of cars, Suddenly it started raining, and out of nowhere I saw the rainbow appear. I couldn’t control my excitement. I looked at her eagerly. She was still reading her notes.

I turned her face towards me and pointed to the rainbow. Suddenly she was smiling broadly , all her stress lines gone for a second. She lowered the window and was fully admiring the rainbow, her joy knew no bound. She whistled in happiness. I let her enjoy the moment, After all it was her long time unfulfilled dream.

She smiled at me , I told her  ” Some of your dream became reality like this in a unexpected time. you have to wait for the pieces to fall in right place in right time”. I nodded understanding my point. May be few dreams in our life are like this, occurs after long waiting, But surprise us when it happens. Have belief and wait for it.


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Missed opportunity

Shreya was getting tensed. She got up late , her alarm magically forgot to ring. She was still cursing it under her breath. She didn’t iron her dress, trusting her alarm . She ironed in hurry , but spoiled her dress. She took out another dress and calmed her down a bit and started again. She was already late for the meeting . Few of her clients were coming with major project, she ought to be on time .

Either way her cab driver went, after long waiting for her . She called her office and said she will reach there soon , after lot of apologies she disconnected the call.

She had ate her quick breakfast, sometimes corn flakes comes handy. She packed her things and got in car and drove .

As she was driving , she was mentally rehearsing the meeting points . She was so confident, they will get that deal.

She found the huge crowd in the road , as suspected a accident . She closed her eyes and prayed a minute before getting out. She checked at his time , it’s already late . But her humanity took over her work ,There she found a man , struggling to breathe , holding his heart. She hurried towards him and did first aid and called the ambulance .

She went near him, he was half conscious , he hold her hand for support. She couldn’t leave him at this helpless situation . She went along and waited till he crossed Danger zone . Later he wanted to talk to her, she went in and silently thanked her and pointed towards his suitcase.

She gave that to him, he produced a visiting card to her. She took it and checked time. His boss will surely kill him. She checked her phone 20 missed call and loads of message from her office. She tosses the visiting card in her hand bag and hurried . After she reached office , she came to know , client is not there yet. She breathed peacefully. Thanking the God , she went to work on her presentation. She consciously checked all and corrected few things. Later her boss came and said the meeting is cancelled as the client was in some emergency. Meeting was rescheduled to evening , client came in, she was surprised, he was the same person, she saved today . She took the card and checked the name , it’s same person she was preparing presentation for months. She smiled radiately and gave her presentation, he told about the incident to her boss And thanked her again . Her presentation was success plus her humanity impressed him a lot. Sometimes missed alarm, missed cab, missed meeting brings new opportunities And circumstances. Believe in fate, don’t be so hard about that .


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Real Scary Event

Tom and Harry were playing in the house. Suddenly light went off. There was pin drop silence in the house. At first they were waiting for the power to come back. Every second was like  huge time. Then they decided to go and find the candle. It was pitch dark.

They hold each other hand and as their eyes got used to the darkness, they started moving inch by inch. At last, They found the cupboard. But couldnot find the key for it. Then after some serious hectic search, Tom took the key and got the torch.

Tom lighted the torch, Even the small shadow was like huge ghost now. Every small sound was creating a scary echo. Suddenly , there was a knocking sound behind the door. They were literally frightening in fear. Harry opened the door with shivering hand and backed away.

Noone was there. “Who is that?” Tom asked. Only the echo came. Then suddenly light came. His dad jumped from bed out of nowhere before them. They shrieked in shock.

Then jumped their dog behind his dad. Now it’s his dad’s turn to shout. Tom and harry ended up laughing out.


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Does success make you bored

“Sree why don’t you slow down ?” Her mom panicked.

“ I don’t want to. I want to swing high ,reach that highest branch “ she replied enthusiastically.

She was concentrating hard and swinging fast, she eventually reached that branch, she smiled in happiness for a second and stopped the swing and hopped down.

She said “ Mom I am bored, going out. Enough of swinging ”

Her mom asked “Why? What happened?”

Sree made a face and replied ” I have reached that goal . Now no thrill in it ”

Her mom sighed , took her hand and said “ Success is not only this one second , it’s effort of all those failures.Cherish the success and also hard work behind it Sree. Feel that hard-earned moment. You won’t be bored.”


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When I am feeling sad,

You make me happy

When I am happy,

You double my smile

When I am alone

You stay with me,

When I am confused,

You give me your wisdom of light,

We discuss in our poetic way,

People say you are not perfect

But for me you are everything,

Though you are always at distance

You watch over me

My life long companion 🙂


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Is life really complicated

Having up and down in life is okay. But why does life mostly seems complicated, struggling, tough! Is this like this for everyone?

We always believe there is success after every struggle, there is happiness behind every sadness.We embrace the struggle in hope of succeeding . I wonder are we want only seek out for struggles? Is our belief of struggling brings success becoming reality ?

Oh there is strange thing I have heard people say, don’t laugh too much , you will cry soon . Are we what ? Astrologist !

Don’t expect anything, struggle , success, happiness, sadness, nothing . Go with the flow of life. Put your heart and effort in the things you do, if you achieve something then great, if you Don’t achieve it , then also good . Live in the moment.


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Best seller

“Do you regret for the sad ending in the book ? “ interviewer asked him.

“I believe Regret is like cancer cell in your body, unless you remove that at early stage, it spread and takes out the life. Now back to your question , I don’t regret about it. Sometimes life does not give happy ending , it is harsh sad ending” he replied.

“Do you say that story is real one ?” She asked surprisingly.

“ That story born in my mind. It was so close to my heart. But I can’t be selfish and give it different ending . I need to justify the story. They may not be together, but they won’t leave reader’s heart. Their destiny did not let them be with each other, but it didn’t let them separate also. Like Krishna Radha love story.” he replied knowingly.

Though that story was his best seller book, but it’s the one he couldn’t be happy about ever. He sighed. Few things couldn’t be changed not even in the story.


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Micro flash stories

She died ! Gossip didn’t !


He’s died once, she is dying daily thinking about him.


She is perfect match , but not for him !


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Stand Out!

When everyone was preparing to impress the interview panel, he was working to build his dream company tirelessly.

He walked into the graduation hall to notice that he was really the odd man out there.

#Story of Successful Enterpreneur


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The SunShine Blogger Award #2

Special thanks to Just me:) for nominating me for this award. This means a lot to me. I feel honored by this small token of appreciation 🙂 You can check out that amazing blog at

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The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

Let’s start of with the nominees first:













My 11 Questions for the nominees are: 

  1. What is your purpose of writing
  2. Which is your most favourite post in your blog
  3. What is your favourite form of genre in writing
  4. What do you want to say to people
  5. How is your life
  6. What made you happy
  7. Can you tell me your biggest blessing
  8. What do you want to change in you
  9. What is your New year resolution which you achieved to complete
  10. When did you feel absoluting wonderful about something
  11. What do you think of the term ‘ Be present, Be in present’

Now here are my answers for the questions:

1. Describe yourself in three words.
Sweet, Silent and caring

2. What’s your worst habit?
Worrying ofcourse, of all small things to major things in life.

3. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
I am a proud night owl. I can sacrifice my sleep easily, But getting up early is herculine task for me.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

That depends, I dont want to live anywhere on long term. I want to roam around, different parts of world to get it’s feel as time goes.

5. One thing that’s on your bucket list.
Sorting out my life, organising few things, adding few and happily throwing away certain things.

6. What’s the most unusual meal you had?
I am staying in hostel, so every meal I have here is quite unusual 😉

7. What is something that you feel passionate about?
Writing I feel very passionate about. One thing in my life, I dont hesitate about doing, thinking about others.

8. Do you believe in afterlife?
Yes. I do believe in this. May be people roam around us as souls until they see their dreams fulfilled.

9. What is something you’ve recently learned?
Recent thing I have learned, Even though you are scared of few things in life, you can’t postpone it too long. Better get it done with.

10. What’s your hometown like?
My hometown is famous for temple, It’s called temple city. I love it. That’s the place which had seen my childhood and adolescene 🙂

11. Which among my blog posts do you like most?
That is people watching, even that term itself make me smile 😉


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