Chocolaty love story

One day I could not get any individual cab even after trying for 15 minutes. So I decided to take Uber pool. With luck I got a seat in share cab.

There were already few passengers. I was searching for my headphone to kill time. Then I found my love, I wondered how come I didn’t see earlier.

I lowered my voice and mouthed the word ‘sorry’. My love didn’t even seem to mind, so I was glad.

Then We began to talk , me in husky voice and my love just remained silent. Suddenly I hold him tight . Cab stopped to drop. I couldn’t believe, I bend down to say good bye with heavy heart. But people were staring at me, like I am committing a crime . I cursed myself for not taking individual cab. I looked sadly at my love “ I couldn’t even eat dairy milk in peace” and folded the dairy milk and kept it inside. Wrapper also made some incoherent sound in agreement. There it will be waiting for me to take a bite. My chocolaty love 😉 Me and my dairy milk forever and ever after 😀


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7 responses to “Chocolaty love story

  1. Beautifully written.

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  2. Made me smile. Those people were jealous of your love affair.

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  3. Woow Saranya, nice piece😍😍😘

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  4. so yummy…chocolaty; yep your co-passengers were jealous…you see !!
    beautifully written Saranya

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