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End Or Beginning

“Do you like happy ending?” Daughter asked after the movie.

Dad replied remembering his marriage with a smile “ There is no happy ending , it’s always happy beginning.”



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Contest Time Once Again: Flash Fiction

Let’s Participate and treat the story teller in you. Good luck and thanks for the contest Kayla 🙂


That’s right, you heard me! I am hosting a third contest through my blog!

In October 2017, I hosted a Poetry Contest that was not only a success but also a ton of fun! I got to meet amazing poets from around the globe and enjoy their work. In December 2017, I held a Blogmas Contest that really encouraged bloggers to interact with one another.

Now, I am hoping to connect with some writers (poets or no; new or old followers) who are ready to write some Flash Fiction!

What is flash fiction? It is a story told in 100 words or less. Some of the most poignant stories can also be the shortest. One of the most famous works attributed to Hemingway is a six-word short story:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Doesn’t that just send chills up your spine?

Here is a sample of my flash…

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Liebster Award #2


This is my second Liester Award. I really want to thank Zovi for nominating me for this. That is sweet gesture of appreciation. You can check out that wonderful blog  here Zovi’s Blog

Here are my answers to the Zovi’s questions:

  1. What get’s you through a bad day (or everyday)?

Hope that there’s light at the end of even the dark tunnel.

2. Who has been your role model? Why?

My sister is my role model. Because she herself is an inspiration. Someone who is compassionate,sensible,loving and caring. Someone who motivates me to dream. Someone I could find at other end, waiting for me , to congratulate or to pat my shoulder even if I lose.  One person , in my life , whom no one can replace.


3. Would you rather have more time or money?
To be frank, I would like both, Enough money and amble time to make it useful.

4. One word that describes the relationship between you and your blog

5. Which is the first book that made you cry?
Oh It’s tricky question , I do often feel and cry while reading. I don’t remember first book, But I cried while reading these two books ‘I too had a love story’ and
‘Immortals of meluga’, sita fighting bravely , that part.

6. Does writing energize or exhaust you?
When I write something emotional , I let out all my sad feelings, I feel light. When I write something motivational , I feel motivated myself. Surely It do energize me.
It is a blissful feeling.

7. Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?
I think they could be a writer in the progress of sorting out their emotions, Just give them chance.

8. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Writing is very rare hobby, even when reading habit is shrinking. Have some pride in what you can do , don’t try to be too humble and take away of happiness of feeling
special. Write for yourself first, it will touch reader’s heart. But for likes or comments, for your inner satisfaction , write 🙂

9. Which is your favorite post from my blog?

I liked your Maze Poem.

10. If you could bring back anyone from the dead, who would it be? Why?
No one , if they are dead , I would love to let him be in peace there.

The Rules:

  1. Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, links their blog. Include award graphic.
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Make a new set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  4. Nominate 11 others and share your post with them so they see it.


1. Achayo


3.Dr. Perry

4. Floating Gold

5.Ben Aqiba



8.Mahin’s World

9.The Millions Unsaid




My Questions :

  1. What is your favourite Quote?
  2. What is your goal of writing?
  3. Which is your favourite post?
  4. Do you like sad or happy ending to the story ?
  5. Describe most beautiful thing you have ever witnessed ?
  6. Say about your future dream in 3 words?
  7. Which is your favourite hobby reading or writing ?
  8. What is one message you want to convey to all?
  9. What make you happy ?
  10. What is worst fear?
  11. Whom do you like to be in near future ?







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Mission : problem finding

Problem finding is not at all the bad thing , it’s actually good . Look around you, find the problems , it could be anything , either the small one or big one. If you try to find the solution , you will get only existing solution. Make your own solution to make life easy and comfortable.

Think about it , there was always a problem , behind every innovation. In old days, communicating people was a problem. Either someone had to go directly and give the message or they had to send pigeon for that . Both of that took long time. They needed a quick solution , As time evolved , came the invention of phone , through that people communicated any time. But what if they are outside still wanted to communicate , then came the cell phone, small and compact , helped to talk from anywhere . But if they couldn’t attend the call , communication was still not possible . Then came wonderful invention , instant message . Chat anytime , anywhere. Problem is same, communicating . For that so many inventions.

Like wise take anything , commuting from one place to another was problem . In old days , people used to walk or go by horse . What if they wanted to go in group , then came the carts driven by bull or horse . What if the animal die in between the travel , then came the concept of vehicle , cycle , rickshaw, then for speed , we went for bikes, car. Even if they broke down or run out of petrol, we can repair or refill it. We are still evolving with different modes of travel .

Getting up on time was a problem, I can tell my parents or my friends to wake me up. What if they also didn’t wake up or forget to wake me up. There came invention of alarm.

Doing calculating at lightening spots was not easy for all, it was a problem and time consuming. There came the work of calculator . But why do I have to carry it everywhere , what if I have it in the thing I use , that’s how the calculator became part of computer and phone . Like this I can go on and on.

If you look at something , ask yourself what was the problem without it , why it was invented , you don’t have to be a scientist to figure it out . However simple it is, find the problem and create the solution , remould it until you are happy with the result. Make your life and life of people around you comfortable.

There is one popular ad , one idea can change the world, it is very true , these cell phone , computer companies and travel companies all give comfortable life and also opportunity for people to earn. Find the problem , have one idea , just one , which could be your solution . Mission starts now 🙂


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N̶o̶t̶ ̶a̶ Love Marriage

Sakthi was little upset. From the night she was expecting her husband to say that. But he was very busy today, got ready early and went to work even before she woke up. There was a note at table saying “Sorry will be late today”. Her face fell reading that.

She sighed. It was their first valentine day after marriage. She wanted it to be flimy. Then She consoled herself saying after all it was life not any cinema story.  She got ready and reached office. At reception, She found a parcel with her name. She was little surprised. She took it and opened with curiosity. There was a small key chain in heart shape with a note ‘ Let’s the surprise begin’. She smiled seeing that.

She almost reached her phone to call his husband , but decided to wait and see all those surprise before calling. From there started her gifts arrival. Every one hour she got a lovely gift. Chocolates, greetings,small toys . She couldn’t stop herself from beaming.

At last , she couldn’t wait any longer, took the phone to call her husband , She got the call from him at the same time. She took the call and wanted to ask him out for dinner.

But before she spoke , he said ,  “Come down sakthi. Let’s go for dinner” . She was happy with their wavelength. She hurried down.

She wanted to say a lot. But didn’t know where to start. She kept on pondering the thoughts until they reach the restaurant.

When they went inside , She saw her final surprise, candle light dinner, that was something she always wanted to have with her love. She could not hold her tears, She remembered all these days she was sad thinking it’s just arrange marriage , not love marriage and it will not be exciting.  She took a minute to compose herself.

She cleared her throat and said blushingly “I love you Shree” , He looked up at her and smiled.

“At last hearing this from you.” He said with affection.

She laughed and said “I didn’t even hear that yet from you ”

He cleared his throat nervously and said ” you know already right ? I love you forever”. She smiled wholeheartedly.

Being silent people , they rarely expressed their feelings.they completed the dinner in silence and got up to leave.

Sakthi took his hand for first time by herself, That was first public gesture of love she had shown. He held her hand tight , silently saying , they have long way to go in their life together. She was very happy, knowing some dreams do come true at unexpected time.



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Disabled, by Thinking

Can you think how often you hear this ‘I can’t’ ? May be you are the one saying it or you hear others often say this. I wonder how come we are so sure about , ‘we can’t’. Did we try that before ? Did we push ourself to that extreme and failed ? Even if we have failed, why can’t we succeed again with few more attempts.

Out of all those people say ‘ I can’t’ Only very few actually tried it ever. They assume they can’t do , just because of fear . They convince themselves and others. Did you ever try pushing people to actually try it once ? After lot of reluctance, when they do it , they succeed eventually.

Let me explain this with a story.   Two people are doing excercise . One guy ask other “How many push ups you can do ?”

Other guy replied “100 push ups” , hearing that first guy challenges him to do 150 today.

Other guy replied “I can’t do it man, that’s beyond my limit” Still the first guy insists him to do with a exciting bet.

Second guy couldn’t deny it , He tries to do it with determination to win the bet.

He first do 100 , with little doubt he proceeds to do 50 more. Eventually he had completed 150 and was actually very surprised. He had done something which he always thought he can’t do . What do you think was stopping him ? He himself! with the limitation he had created in his mind.

Just think about it, Even people with disability are achieving heights in life with strong will power. But we , whom world believes to be perfect healthy persons, Live in our beautiful little world with the illusions we have created about yourself. Push your boundaries , little by little every day. Disability exists, but only  in our mind. A person is as disabled , as he thinks he is.




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Final destination

Death is our final destination, our life events are intermediate station we reach, make a memorable travel , and reach the destination with smiles and loads of happy memories.


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Back to childhood

She smiled but her toothless smile made everyone doubt, old age brings back the lost childhood. She has turned mischievous 🙂


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Psychological facts

Whatever happens in your life , you are the writer of the story. You think something and your brain believes it and it happens and we think that’s what would have happened anyways. But the truth is it’s our expectation and we actually got what we expected.

For eg, When you are afraid of something would happen, your brain being a obedient servant ,interpret that as your wish , do all possible things to make it happen. So try this trick, when you are afraid of something, tell your brain that won’t happen ever and make it believe , then watch your fear vanish from your life.


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Before maturity ,

Life is unfair, so 😦

After Maturity,

Life is unfair, so what ?! 🙂


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