Love story

“ What if I had said no for you that day? She asked.

“I would get to propose you again. I would have come up with some cinematic way to impress you like this “ he replied and kneeled down to give her , her favourite chocolate and teddy.

She was smiling broadly, 10 years has passed,but he never fails to surprise her:)


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22 responses to “Love story

  1. Breathtaking words of so much Love written, Saranya with an apt picture too.

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  2. Nice. Love is about falling in live with the same person again and again 😊

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  3. Orvillewrong

    Just so beautiful

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  4. Mayuri

    Nice one it seems similar to mine.. 🙂

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  5. Its Short sweet and simple…
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    And give ur valuable comment

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  6. prem

    nice lines 🙂

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  7. Gaurav Kautkar

    I’ve created my blog where I am about to start a blog series ‘Just Friends’ which is actually an exciting love story. I’ve published it’s intro to my blog
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    Thank You ☺️


  8. CandzAfrica

    Ahhh this is lovely! Makes my insides melt!

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  9. awww lol you caught me off guard
    I also like to catch readers off guard with my stories

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  10. Tanvi Sontakke

    Short and sweet+cute love!

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  11. blackcoop

    Short, sweet and to the point, constructing the idea that we never give up on the ones we love, even if they do break our heart over and over again.

    However I have noticed some grammatical errors, if these were fixed the story would flow a lot better: “I would get to propose to you again” and “Kneeled down to give her her favourite…”.

    Just some simple oversights, love the story. Keep up the great work!

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