Sweet crime

Ram hastily cleaned the knife. Turning back he periodically made sure no one is coming there . He carefully  gripped the knife which was going to fell from his shivering hands.

Catching his breath to compose himself, He turned around to make sure everything is in its place and he didn’t leave any evidence.

Slowly he walked past the place and reached his room, His mom is sleeping peacefully , he slide down in his bed and gave sigh ” Can’t wait for morning to eat yummy cake. Only if mom has given him a cake when he asked ” licked his lips remembering the taste and dozed off .


Filed under creative writing, story

4 responses to “Sweet crime

  1. Sweet and simple and oh! so tasty


  2. Hehe! All the suspense build for a very ‘Sweet’ cause.☺

    Liked by 1 person

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