Suba is very jovial character, who befriend anyone quickly. She is bit confused about how to address the transgender ladies with any hesitation. So she don’t talk to them most of the time.

But being a regular traveler in the train , she happened to see most of them often. One day she saw a transgender lady sitting alone in the crowded compartment , she was sitting in opposite seat. But she saw few girls hesitating to sit in the suba’s opposite seat. She smiled at the lady , stood from her seat and asked her “Can I sit with you sister ?” .

That lady was so happy , welcomed her with smiling face. Seeing her face she realised what that word ‘Sister’ Meant to her . They began to talk cheerfully like long last friends. All those moments of hesitation to address seems silly to her now.  Suba promised herself that she will be a good friend of her atleast from now 🙂




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6 responses to “Humanity

  1. Wow Great Story, really touching.

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  2. Good heartfelt story

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  3. This site is absolutely fabulous!


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