Precious friendship

Even when we don’t see much,

Even when there is a huge distance,

Even when we are busy,

Even when we remain surrounded,

Even we don’t chat 24 * 7,

Even when we don’t talk all day,

We stay connected

Always by fine thread of friendship,

Thinking about each other,

Wishing for well being,

Praying for the safety,

Caring silently,

Let’s keep that precious friendship alive 🙂 

PS : search in your memories , say hi to that special friend 


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22 responses to “Precious friendship

  1. jyo

    Beautifully penned !!

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  2. Ya! Friendships that deep should be kept safe and precious.

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  3. Beautiful thoughts 💕

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  4. Hi,
    You’ve been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award 🙂
    Because you are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community

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  5. Precious and priceless and truthful

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  6. This was a lovely reminder. Some friendships we tend to forget about due to busy schedules or as your post mentioned distance but remembering they exist and they are there for us means a lot.

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  7. Wonderful poem. I feel the warmth in your words and passion in your heart.

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  8. Thanks Saranya for inspiring and teaching me through your writing. 🙂

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  9. Hey Saranya you have an amazing blog . Do follow
    She writes beautiful blogs . Do support her by following .🙂


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