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Unanswered questions

In few suituations ,Few questions starting with “Why” is hard to answer or even hard to ask.

“why did it happen?”

Sadly you don’t know.

“Why did you do that?”

You can’t explain.

“Why it’s always me?”

No one will care to answer.

Sometimes I ponder my brain to find answer, then come to conclusion may be few questions are left unanswered for best.


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Say you can

Let’s say you are school going kid.

Your teacher asks you “Will you take part in speech contest?”

You are bit scared about preparation and facing people, you look around for help before saying “No”

Your friend came for your rescue he takes part in it, you feel grateful. He won the contest. You convince you wouldn’t have got it .

Let’s say you are an employee now. Your manager asks you “Will you be able to complete this project before deadline ? “

You knew you can but takes just one second extra to think , but someone else commits and get that task. You seem relieved. They get good name and appreciation. You convince yourself its good, you wouldn’t have done this .

The worst thing happened here is, you missed the opportunity to prove yourself, not to anyone else, to YOU. You lost even before trying. That will be your biggest regret. Say “You can” before it’s too late ,trust me you will get half of the work finished then itself, when you say it. Don’t die with what if, do it, if not, you will atleast know your limits .


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Story of karma

I wrote sick leave letter , gave it to my mom to pass it to a friend.

“Wow I am genius now I will finish this home work and submit tomorrow” I thought.

Tiny voice replies in my head “You have whole day left, Let’s watch tv for some time and start” This some time magically turns to be whole day.

“Aww I took sick leave and wasted the whole day ” I thought , how come I am going to convince my teacher. I dozed off in middle of worrying.

Next day I woke up I actually got fever. But as I had no leave left, had to go to school without completing the home work. Remember Karma follows you like hutch dog 😉

Imaginary story of me and my karma 🙂


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One liners

People leaving your life don’t hurt much, the void they left behind is what hurts.

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Love story

“ What if I had said no for you that day? She asked.

“I would get to propose you again. I would have come up with some cinematic way to impress you like this “ he replied and kneeled down to give her , her favourite chocolate and teddy.

She was smiling broadly, 10 years has passed,but he never fails to surprise her:)


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Two line story

“I want your toy” screamed the boy, girl half heartily gave it him.

“Please take all my toys,stay with me “ said the boy, seeing his sister being sent to boarding school.


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Unsaid understanding

“Ravi where are you going to celebrate the new year this year ? “ Asked his mom helping her daughter-in-law with lunch preparation.

“Why are you asking silly questions mom, asusual I will come there to celebrate with you and dad, what will I do here? “ He replied casually.

His mom noticed his wife face became dull hearing his reply.

His mom replied “ Really , I was thinking to ask you , to celebrate it in her home. She might be missing her parents right ? You usually celebrate with us na , It would be different for you too”

Her daughter-in-law got surprised on hearing this, she was thinking to ask the same for few days. She felt so happy hearing her mother in law say it. Sometimes they shared a bond , even without talking much 🙂 She smiled at her. Ravi nodded understandingly, his

mom is also someone’s daughter.


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Sweet crime

Ram hastily cleaned the knife. Turning back he periodically made sure no one is coming there . He carefully  gripped the knife which was going to fell from his shivering hands.

Catching his breath to compose himself, He turned around to make sure everything is in its place and he didn’t leave any evidence.

Slowly he walked past the place and reached his room, His mom is sleeping peacefully , he slide down in his bed and gave sigh ” Can’t wait for morning to eat yummy cake. Only if mom has given him a cake when he asked ” licked his lips remembering the taste and dozed off .


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Sharing is caring

He was so hungry, he had fought with this mom for giving his favourite snacks to other kid, he didn’t eat the whole day.

Her mom went out, he didn’t accompany her as he was angry but he was waiting for her to come home so they can eat together.

He was still waiting for years now , his mom unfortunately didn’t return , They told him his mom went to god. He was scolding himself, he should have gone with mom , then she would have convinced her not to leave him alone.

He buy loads of his favourite snacks and food, give it to random kids now a days. Sharing is caring , he learnt  from his mother, but alas! his mother is not here to see all this.



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Father and son

“Dad do you know which day it is ?” His son asked him.

“Why ? Is it your birthday or your mom’s ? or my anniversary ? “ His dad said thinking hard.

“It is … I .. just.. nothing” His voice trailed away.

After he left his dad noticed a gift and greetings made by his son. When he opened it he saw “Happy Birthday my dear hero” in bold. His eyes got watery seeing that.

“What Happened?” Asked his wife.

“Nothing. I was just… thinking to sleep” He said hiding the tears.

His son had inherited his nature of not showing emotions explicitly. He went and watched his 5 year old son , curled up in bed, fast asleep already 🙂


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