Blind Love

“Why are you doing like this?” She said.

“What did I do ?” I asked avoiding the eye contact.

“Are you sad ? Would you like to tell me why ? “ She asked with concern tempting me to talk.

“Nothing like that” I tried to reply cheerfully , hiding my hurt from the previous fight. and sighed.

“Will you tell me , if there is any problem ?” She asked in unconvinced voice.

I smiled at her and replied ” Of course I will let you know”

My mind whispered “I hate it when you melt again, seeing her care and forgive her, blinded by love, knowing you will get hurt again.”

I replied to my mind softly ” Sometimes words are not needed, Actions speak a lot. She is sorry about that incident. She wants me to be happy”.  I hugged her , reassuring things are normal.

She is too proud to say sorry aloud and I am too proud to agree I am hurt. Our life will move on like this.

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14 responses to “Blind Love

  1. This is perfect as if changing will make a difference.

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  2. Communication a d hidden feelings, that’s the consolation prize it delivers. 😕

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  3. at times moving without hugging is good


  4. oh this pure love is hard to find and hard to hide. Very well written….!!

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