Let me demonstrate the difference in the yummy way to help you understand.

Crush : It is like that costly cake in the bakery, you see that always but never get near it.

Like: It is like some random new dish, which caught your eyes for a while but then forget it all together.

Love: It is like that, favourite dish of your’s which awaits for you , and after seeing it you forget everything else (crush too)


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31 responses to “Crush,Like,Love

  1. Interesting observations of the Love condition!

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  2. hati03nisa

    Haha so cute described

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  3. My God! So concise, yet so true! Remind me why I’m not following your blog.

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  4. You’re most welcome, friend.

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  5. haha…made me laugh.. beautiful

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  6. Gawd..!! This is so true

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  7. I had a boyfriend but then he broke up with me. I still care about him a lot and I still love him, but he doesn’t even know I exist now. I’m totally invisible to him and it hurts me so much! He was my reason to live, now I have no reason to live, now I just want to die!

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  8. You are such an amazing writer! Really loved it!

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  9. The NCHANTING whispers

    Nice differentiation and relatable …

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