Few Things

Things don’t always work in the way we want that to be. But all the things will have some reason to happen in our life. It hurts till we know the reason. Things happens to us every moment is like the ladder that take us to next level. Even  it is worst things that happened in our life. It will have good impact  in our life later . Only thing we can do is to not let this things stop us from moving on. The time we spend on those memories make that feel like such a big thing to us. It is not the incidents or the people we met decide our life ever it’s our own thought that decide our life. There are many people in that world who are not happy with all the fortunes of this world. Yet we can find a normal people who live their life happily each moment.  Try to take the positive vibes in life and think of the blessings before the hurdles 🙂


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10 responses to “Few Things

  1. It’s our own thoughts that define our lives 😄😄😄. Great read

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  2. True …
    Btw .. congrats for getting 555 👍👏

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