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A little playful carefree smile
appeared magically,
filling every inch of my face,
slowly  spreading out
reaching the heart,
that unfamiliar happiness,
Overflowing mind with satisfaction
self approval and pride ,
there happened the rebirth
of my confidence , the new me 😉

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Is this Long forgotten friendship ?

People meet as strangers
become friends,
Begin to travel in same path
Days goes on with laughs and talks,
But unfortunately sometime
some misunderstanding occurs,
Before they knew the reason
everything gone without trace,
Their smile & love disappears,
Those happy moments seems like dream,
One day some incidents or some names
stir those old memories,
Even though one can’t replace another,
Some go away but many more people will come,
All such persons whom we think lost
stay alive in our memories,
Just take some time to rewind those moments 🙂


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Last day,Last minute

Like the last  drop of rain
Like the last beam of sun
Like the last  sip of  the coffee
Like the last bite of chocolate
Like the last page of novel
Like the last step towards goal
Like that it’s pleasant last day of this year
which highlights all those days behind
All these can be only felt not described
Lets enjoy the new year
and also savour this last day
live this moment and love this last  minute 🙂


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Chocolate story 

Let me explain the difference between the  shame,sorry and regret with the help of a  chocolate story. 

My mom used to buy us chocolates when we were kids.

Mom said “ Wait for your sister to come then you both can eat “

Jumping up and down in excitement , I nodded half heartily. Then mom got busy with her work. Then the debate between my consciousness and stomach started. As always stomach won, I promised my consciousness that I would eat only one chocolate from it, but that one turned to many , until I was staring at the empty wrapper.

Consciousness shouted “ Shame on you , you couldn’t even save the poor chocolates for sometime “

I said in the meek voice to my sister “ I am sorry that I couldn’t wait for you”.

My taste buds were cruelly reminding me the taste of the chocolate , I thought with regret “ I should have saved some for later “

Alas! What’s done is done, I sighed looking at the empty wrapper 🙂

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Success vs happiness

Success – It’s like a price tag in the dress or the high paying job or like the big house, you attain something, Everyone sees it and praise you for achieving it.

Happiness – It’s the feel you get when you see a dress and like it before even seeing the price tag , when you like the interview and workplace even before getting the payroll details, When you see the land and picture you happily living with your family, even before building a big house . That small thing is called happiness, you don’t anyone to certify it or anything to feel it.


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Farewell talk to 2017

Short conversation between me and 2017

“Hey 2017” I said.

“Hey” told 2017 in dull voice.

“Are you sad that you are leaving in few days ? “ I asked 2017 trying to understand more.

“No I am just confused. I stayed with people for quite a long time more than 360 days. People are not sad that I am going, but they are so excited about my friend 2018,waiting with so much joy. Won’t they miss me when I am gone ?” 2017 asked in worried voice.

“People are always curious about the thing they don’t have. They have huge expectation from your friend 2018. They are waiting to make a huge deal for the days they will spend together. Don’t worry they will miss you for sure “ I tried to console.

“I tried my best to give everyone equal opportunity, fair share of happiness and smile and some bad time also. But they forgot all good things and remember only bad days. They should accept the sad time also,it make them realise the happiness fully when it comes. They should appreciate and learn from it. I am sad same will happen with my friend 2018. They will hate him at the end” 2017 sighed .

“Don’t worry 2017. I thank you for the good things and thank you more for the sad days,they made me strong. I hope people will understand it. Cheer up” I waved 2017 with smiling face.

Time or God is not responsible for what happened to us, they won’t be responsible in future also. Don’t put the blame in others and ran away from responsibility. If your life is not going well and you are not happy , take responsibility do what need to be done. When something good happens, you say proudly yeah I did it , likewise say for sad time too. Only when you accept this, you will search for solution for those problems. Magically noone going to appear to save you like in movies.

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“ I never knew you are talkative!! ” She exclaimed. From what she heard of him, he is a very silent guy, who don’t talk to anyone easily not even to his close friends.

“Even I did not know before I met you. We might have same wavelength of thoughts , we sync well. I am comfortable while talking to you. “ He said. Few friendship just grew thick from the day one.

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A child , who is no more a child

“Will you eat this ? I remember your mom telling you are not fond of it “ Asked her aunt serving food.

She stared at the food and tears came down at the mention of her mother.

“It’s okay , I will eat “ She replied in the meek voice.

She remembered those days when she used to shout at her mother saying she won’t take take a bite of it. With heavy heart, she finished her food silently.

“Anita you have became so silent and good girl “ Exclaimed her aunt who is aware of her tantrums.

She thought I wish I was like this before ,my mom would have been happy then. She felt like she had a transformation , when she first heard about her mother’s death. Few people take away a part of you with them when they go. She’s no more a playful rebellious child , she had grown up from that day.

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Luckiest person 

Have you ever wondered who is luckiest person in this world ?!

Well It depends on people’s mind. You see someone and think how lucky they are, and that someone might in turn look at you and feel how lucky you are. But you both will never knew or agree how lucky you both are with your life.

So frankly noone is lucky enough to know they are lucky , if there is someone there it will be a miracle and I would say they are the luckiest person in the earth.


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Rain & Earth

Sky creating exciting topping

for the wonderful Earth with Rain.

PS: Inspired by Pizza making 😉

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