Oh such a elegant mask
so colorful and catchy
Everyone is wearing it
Some hidden behind it
Some create illusion with it

Some protect themselves with it
Some gain with it
Some lose with it
Some feint with it

Some look attractive with it
Some seems detestable with it
But remember It’s just a deceiving mask

I am curious about the face behind it
Sometimes I try to peek through
in faint hope of finding the trace of
their innocent smile or that evil smirk






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10 responses to “Mask

  1. How true!! Every one using the mask they wearing according to their likings or conveniece

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  2. B.

    I think wearing a mask is always a loss…

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  3. justonestoryteller

    Like this because at some point in our lives we all wear a mask but in time it falls off or is taken off by life’s changes and situations that constantly change as we strive to become better people and we begin to gain our confidence to walk in our own truth and not hide behind them anymore.


  4. The masks we wear, sometimes to protect our hearts and sometimes to stay secluded from people when feeling afraid. My mask has come off awhile back and stays off these days, as now I feel happy and secure. Great write!

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