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Dark days

Some days were just dark
Whatever i do its still dark

I had searched for sun
But some days were just dark

I had tried to lit the light
But some days were just dark

I  had tried to find the bright opening
But some days were just dark

I had wanted to hide my tears
But some days were just dark

I couldn’t do anything
Other than waiting for dawn
Because some days were really very dark


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Life – A Blog

Living is like blogging
Few posts(days) are happy
Few posts are sad
Few posts are revolutionary
Few posts are scary
Few posts are motivational
Few posts are funny
Few posts are poetic
Few posts are just random
write something, anything
Readers may ‘like’ some
‘Follow’ you in your progress
Readers may criticize you
Challenge you
Take it positive
Do not let that stop you
Write for you , if possible for few more
Write until you are happy,
Seeing your progress from past to present
Be your first reader,
Write in your own style
Fall in love with your writing(living)
Every single day, Every single moment 🙂



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Love at first sight 

She looked at him with teary eyes and asked  “Will it work ?”
He looked into her eyes and said “ We will make it work” . His words were soothing for her.
They walked in middle of gathered kids, looking here and there.
She suddenly felt someone pulling her shawl, turned around and saw that innocent face.
She kneeled down and hugged that kid. She felt her small world is now complete . All her doubts are gone.

She murmured slowly “We will surely make it work”
That kid was also very eager to get some care. Her husband smiled seeing that , he didn’t felt the need to ask it aloud.

“We want to welcome our daughter to our home” He told the homeless kid’s home authorities.
Trully love at first sight do exists.


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Oh such a elegant mask
so colorful and catchy
Everyone is wearing it
Some hidden behind it
Some create illusion with it

Some protect themselves with it
Some gain with it
Some lose with it
Some feint with it

Some look attractive with it
Some seems detestable with it
But remember It’s just a deceiving mask

I am curious about the face behind it
Sometimes I try to peek through
in faint hope of finding the trace of
their innocent smile or that evil smirk






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Sometime it is good to be …..

Sometime it is good to  smile for you,than

to laugh hard for others

Sometime it is good to be silent,than

to  talk all the time

Sometime it is good to argue,than

to keep things to yourself

Sometime it is good to be  yourself,than

hiding our identity

Sometime it is good to be angry,than

to smile and say ‘Its ok’

Sometime it is good to be childlike,than

to behave matured

Sometime it is good to enjoy your hobby,than

your work

Sometime it is good to be  ‘imperfect’ ,than

pretending perfection

Sometime it is good to be happy ,than

to make happy

Sometime it is good to love your  life , than

to just live it


November 22, 2017 · 8:08 pm


Be like a kite
without the fear of height,
Be like a kite
without the fear of high wind,
Be like a kite
without the fear of cutting down,
Be like a kite
and raise everyone’s spirit,
Be like a kite
and bring smile on someone’s face,
Be like a kite
and always be hard to reach,
Be like a kite
But don’t let the string restrain you,
Fly high and high as you wish,
No boundary no limit,
just you and the endless sky 😉


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Often heard easily
But understood rarely
Needs patience to decode
Care to accept
an art only if u admire
More meaningful than mere words
Language of your soul
Key to understand anyone’s heart
Take time and listen to your silence
Its very loud only if u listen 😉


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