Are you rich in life?

Don’t hesitate. I am not asking about your bank balance or the property value. All this are very small things  which could make you look rich to others.  We are not talking about that. Confused ? Okay let me rephrase my question.  Are you really feeling that you are rich from inside ?

It’s little tough to consolidate that feel. While thinking about it , you would be clueless about how to measure that.  Let me give you few clues for it. Your smile, inner peace, satisfaction  and that immense happiness can be units to measure it.  Many of us smile a lot when we are with other people,  but most of the time it is just for the sake of smiling or to hide the inner emptiness. Forget all this. Count that carefree smile when you are even alone with no specific reason. Feel  that inner peace , satisfaction and happiness. Collect it and value it with true pleasure.  All this treasures might seem very small but have enormous value attached.  It’s priceless when you know its worth. Ask yourself daily, are you rich in life? you might get the answer from yourself to change your life. Be rich and share this and make everyone rich 😀

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4 responses to “Are you rich in life?

  1. So true.We need to keep updated with ourselves.

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  2. Good one 🙂 This way, I am very poor 😦
    can you help me on how do I smile for no reasons 🙂 🙂
    Btw, read quite a lot of your other posts. You are a great writer.. Cheers. Hindi, English, Tamil… Wow

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    • Learn to appreciate what you have in life , practise the art of gratitude. Thanks Rajesh 🙂 Tamil is my mother tongue . Others I learnt . Still have long way to go . I try few different things like this language or genre 🙂

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