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New Surprise – Poetic Medley

I am very glad with the response , am getting here. I feel blessed with very like and comment you give. I want to hearty thank you all for motivating me in turn with your enormous support.  I have taken one more step towards my passion , I have published a book ‘ Poetic Medley’ yesterday.  I feel so happy . I want to share the happiness with you here, Do read it , share your comments. I will be waiting 🙂




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வறுமையில் ஓர் கனவு

வறுமையின் விளிம்பில் இருந்தும்
கனவுகள் கண்டேன்
இன்று என் மனதை நிறைத்திடும் அவை
நாளை வயிற்றையும் நிறைத்திடும் என்ற நம்பிக்கையில் !!

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Every time when i meet you,
We get lost in each other,
Sometimes i stay awake to be with you,
I wonder how would i feel without you,
I have never let you out of my sight
Even when someone was talking,
I have left food and work all for you,
You are always my long time companion,
You are the most favorite topic always,
I can talk about you for ages,
I never get bored with you ,
Because am so so obsessed
about reading,
Cannot wait until i finish the book 😉

PS: Dedicated to all Bookworms

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तुम वो कहानी के तरह हो
जो मैं लाखो भार लिखी
बिना कोई अंत के ।

हम हमेशा सात हे
जितनी भी दूर क्यों न हो
इस्लिये सपने जादू से भरा होता हे ।

तू वो तूफान के तरह हे, जो
एक ही पल में
मेरे सपनो का महल उड़ा दिया ,
फिर भी तेरे यादो से
उसे जोड़ने की कोशिश कर रही हूँ ।


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अप्राप्य इच्छा

कडुवे सच और मीठे सपने
के बीच छोटा सा फासला हे अप्राप्य इच्छा


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Are you rich in life?

Don’t hesitate. I am not asking about your bank balance or the property value. All this are very small things  which could make you look rich to others.  We are not talking about that. Confused ? Okay let me rephrase my question.  Are you really feeling that you are rich from inside ?

It’s little tough to consolidate that feel. While thinking about it , you would be clueless about how to measure that.  Let me give you few clues for it. Your smile, inner peace, satisfaction  and that immense happiness can be units to measure it.  Many of us smile a lot when we are with other people,  but most of the time it is just for the sake of smiling or to hide the inner emptiness. Forget all this. Count that carefree smile when you are even alone with no specific reason. Feel  that inner peace , satisfaction and happiness. Collect it and value it with true pleasure.  All this treasures might seem very small but have enormous value attached.  It’s priceless when you know its worth. Ask yourself daily, are you rich in life? you might get the answer from yourself to change your life. Be rich and share this and make everyone rich 😀

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Decision making

Decision making is like
buying a dress,
take opinions,
try different options,
once, twice and so on
until you find it
Don’t compare or regret
Until it fits you 🙂

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Horror Night

I was sleeping peacefully. suddenly  i felt uneasy, something was coming near me. It’s shadow was becoming huge, something scary. I tried to move away but couldn’t. I was confused , too scared to even scream.
When i tried to turn around i realized something was actually near my feet. I kicked hard and was sweating badly. And then i saw something jump off from my bed and when i saw clearly , cat meowed in complaining tone . I was laughing at my timid nature 😉

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September 5, 2017 · 2:00 pm