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Success & failure.

Success is the transition point

Of dream to reality,

Whereas failure occurs when the hopelessness

Blends perfectly with bad attitude.

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See saw

Every situation is like a see-saw

However it is , the person 

you compete with,

Can take you either to top in sky

Or down to ground,

No one can stay as such for a long time

When you reach the sky after touching the ground

You value the effort and time it took,

get a grip when things are not in favour,

Nothing is permanent,

Hence always remember to

Be humble or be patient:)

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Succeeding is like

Solving puzzles,

All opportunities are

There but scattered confusingly

Trick is to find

The right pieces in right time 🙂


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மனம் சின்ன குழந்தையாய்
துள்ளி குதித்திட
ஆனந்த கூத்தாட
எல்லையில்லா மகிழ்ச்சியில்
களித்திருக்க ஏங்கி ஏங்கி
தவித்த காலங்கள் சில,
மற்றும் அவை முழுதும் கற்பனை
காட்சிகளாய் மறைந்த
பொழுதுகளும் பல !!


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Each day is like a different game
Few are like chess,
they need tactics to win.
Few are like a carom match,
they need perfect aiming.
Few are like a tennis tournament,
they need concentration.
Few are like a relay race,
they need cooperation.
Few are like swimming,
they need a lot of stamina.
Few are like a marathon,
they need a lot of will power.
Few are like gymnastics,
they need you to be flexible.
Few are like weightlifting,
they test your ability.
Each one is unique and thrilling.
As our strength differs,
We cannot win every game.
Keep in mind this simple rule – JUST PLAY!

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