Say cheese


 Life is like camera

Here ends the last year’s roll

Develop the gathered magical pictures

Frame it with fine memories

Decorate the heart walls,

Dust off the lens,

Load new year’s roll in it

with fresh mind renew the pictures,

collect the incredible or crazy things

Freeze the nice moments

Lock all the emotions

Every picture tells a story

Playful smile,painful tears,hidden mischief,undefined joy

Each one becomes memorable in some way

Be keen observer of best snaps

Experiment with creativity

Being professional is not important,

portrait the lovely moments in your style 😀



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3 responses to “Say cheese

  1. Wonderful lines..inspired me lot ma..
    This is a good words for me start my new year..
    I have read several poems,article about new year..
    But your was entirely different ma..
    The message u convey and the way u convey was superb..

    This was really superb..After reading this,i got a good hope in my new year..

    Thanks for this wonderfull lines,which was a good advice for my new year..
    Keep writing similar lines ever..

    with ur permission,i like to share this lines with my friends..

    And happy new year for u & ur family..
    HAve a colorfull year ma..

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