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Nature is the mother of beauty… It is one of the amazing creation of god…. It entertains  us and keep as relaxed as much time we spend…. Everything about that seems so awesome…All things in nature have something special  in them starting from  the small flowers to huge trees…It have beauty as well as small contribution to  environment…. It embraces us with it’s green blanket….. even the usual sunset is looks great when we are surrounded by the nature….  there are variety of plants and animals in this world…. Already some of them are existing  in history books only….Now a days we see trees like  decoration here and there….if this goes on what will we do then? atleast let’s care for the remaining plants…. wake up… think about the future effects along with our present need…. we cant totally protect the nature but we can do something to compensate the destruction…. come let’s give opportunity for our future generation to enjoy all the wonders of  nature like our ancestors did for us……



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