Books are wonderful companions ‘ .  I have heard this often ,before it had became as my hobby. At first it seems very odd. why should anyone cares for some mere paperworks. But it was much more than that. All of us have different way to enjoy the book . Reading a book is like travelling in  new world and to make new friends(characters) . It’s like our dream world and it’s feels like we are living among them .Obviously it is lot different from  watching the movie and reading a book again is like meeting our familiar  friends back . All have their favorite category and authors.But none of  that matters , just the feel of having a book we love in our hand. That’s amazing. It make us forgot all the worries in our mind. It advises us in our life to do things correctly.We became so involved in that books that the story or theory looks  realistic. Every author have their own way to narrate the things .They imagine them in their character’s mind, just like  readers do. For me my book shelf  is valuable thing  in my home.Every book  holds some memory in my life. But how many of  us have the patience to enjoy this all ?

If you are also book lover like me , feel free to check out my books.

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Author: saranya

I am Saranya Sridharan, Software Engineer by profession and a passionate author by choice. My hobby was initially just reading and reading alone. Surprisingly, my writing spree was ignited at a Haiku competition conducted by my college. This ignited spark then rendered to offer another hobby “Blogging” into my life. I have been blogging since then for the last 6 years. I like to motivate people, inspire them to be positive in their life.But being a silent girl , i rarely get the chance to mingle with anyone to express my thoughts. So here i voice out my opinions in words. After reading this people will know this silent girl , actually have a lot to tell to this world. I stick to the simple motto in life, 'Express yourself' In any way you are comfortable with . I have started doing it. What about you !!

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