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Had  you come across the question ‘ Do you like love??’   may be now & then .And some says ‘love I hate it’,’dunno haven’t ever loved’    I was also one among them . But now im thinking is that true, hadn’t I ever loved in my life… the answer is NOT ONLY ONCE MANY TIME. When I was kid I loved attention. When I went to school for the first time , I loved and missed my home. I love  my mom whenever I see her. I loved my friends with  whom  I had started to play . I loved the toys that entertained me ,talked to me ,played with me. I loved the holidays when the school was about to start. I loved the books that gave me company. I loved the peaceful sleep which I had enjoyed without any alarms. In my last day of school I loved the days I spend there and persons I met there. At this moment I love this article and this blog . As time goes on may be my love might take a new mode, but it is always there in my life in some form making my life wonderful with it’s presence . For me ‘love‘  not only  implies  life partner  it is  ‘ Each & Every second I had enjoyed in my life’  Likewise all of  you would have felt love in your life atleast once . Isn’t it???



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Lovely Relation

Today I am going to tell you about a relation in my life which I had enjoyed most from my birth. This is my small contribution to that relationship.She is the person I had loved from the very beginning . I had known her even before I know myself .Her cute face comfort me always.We played with eachother& lived together.She is my first &best friend still now.I almost shared all my thoughts with her. She is my guide too. She taught me how to approach life .She is so nice. She made me to think all other people point of view instead of being selfish and she was there for me whenever I needed help. Yes I agree we too had small  fights  in our childhood but that only added beauty to our relationship. She comforted me always , whenever I was sad and she made me see reason to everything that happens. Even a minute talk with her,make me feel better. I have crossed many of my hurdles like this in my life. She handles almost all things . I’m not such strong hearted like her.But I have her to guide me. She think about my needs instead of her own needs. She always supported me.and sometime when I do something wrong she take the responsiblity to show me my mistake.She filled my life with happiness .She played all role in my life mother,father, friend,tutor,counsellor,my role model and many other relation that could not be just expressed in words. Merely her thought make my heart light & my face lit up with smile even if am in some problem. She is my inspiration . I admire her a lot. For me she is very perfect I can’t find a fault in her ever and i miss her always. She is my best gift I ever got from  my parents

She is none other than ‘MY WONDERFUL SISTER’


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